Arnaud Billard

TRANSSOLAR Klimaenginieering/DE,USA

High Comfort – Low Impact
Transsolar is a leading climate engineering firm whose scope is to ensure the highest possible comfort for people with the lowest possible impact on the environment. This is accomplished by developing andvalidating climate and energy concepts through the recognition that environmental conditions are influenced by all aspects and stages of design. The firm works collaboratively with clients, architects, mechanical engineers and other consultants from the start of the design process, considering each step from the standpoint of fundamental thermodynamics and physics. Potential strategies are considered and evaluated for each project, intended to create a strong identity and individual expression for every unique situation. Through this process, a sustainable climate concept is then generated in which local conditions, form, material and mechanical systems are synergistic components of a well-orchestrated and overall holistic design.

Thus, the firm goes beyond the limited idea of energy conservation: The interdependence of comfort issues and the integration of building systems within a larger urban and environmental context are recognized as daylight, natural ventilation (on both the micro- and macro- scales), air quality and temperature, acoustics and the well-being of people are addressed. Our aim is to create comfortable, ecological, economical and high-value buildings and environments for living, working, playing and studying. In short, we see climate engineering as an attitude respecting both people and nature.

Transsolar was founded in 1992 as a climate consulting company and is now working worldwide with 32 engineers in offices in Stuttgart, Munich and New York. Groundbreaking projects include the DATAPEC office building in Pliezhausen (1995), the Nord/LB administration center in Hanover (2002), the Deutsche Post AG headquarters in Bonn (2003), and the newly completed Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok (2006). Current projects include the Manitoba Hydro Downtown Office Headquarters in Winnipeg (under construction), the first science facility on the Harvard Allston campus and the RiverParc Development in Pittsburgh.